A New Fight To Deny The Death Of My Dreams

          My previous attempt to be a Hollywood script writer has yet to generate any calls from producers or studios wishing to sign my thus untapped talents. But I will not get discouraged. I will persist. I will continue to generate new ideas. I will let my creative juices flow through my blog until someone who knows someone passes my name along and I am seen for the wonder that I am. Also, I'm bored, I have nothing else to blog about, and I've been coming up with movie ideas in my head. And so, without further ado, I release my madness unto this world! Be prepared... (pun intended. You'll see!)

Untitled Lion King Prequel

          So my kids love the new Lion Guard show on Disney Channel that is about Simba's kids. And while they added some backstory to Scar, and why he was so power hungry for the throne, they never attempted to say how or why he became aligned with the hyenas. I started developing a backstory in my mind well before this Lion Guard came out, and while it still mostly fits my vision, I think it can still be done with minimal changes to fit the new continuity. Thus I present to, my vision for The Lion King, a prequel:
          Scene opens to the sun rising over pride rock. The king is already looking out over his kingdom, and is soon joined by his queen. They look back to their two sons, still sleeping, and discuss how today is the day that they begin grooming their eldest for his ascension to the throne by teaching him the circle of life. The king tells his kids to follow him, but the younger cub runs off to the watering hole overly excited. His brother tries to catch up, but by the time he gets there a crocodile is already stalking the youngest lion. Big brother tries to save him, but his throw clear and knocked out while little brother runs home scared. A vulture, thinking the cub dead, carries him off. The king sees this and thinks the worse. He returns to pride rock and shares the bad news with his wife. Then he tells his youngest son, Mufasa, that he will be the next king.
          Meanwhile, the older cub wakes up and shakes himself free of the vultures grasp... only to land in the hyena den. The hyenas lock him in captivity while they fight amongst themselves. Who gets to eat the lion, or should they hold him for ransom, or use him as bait to set a trap for the king. There is no leader, so they continue to bicker without coming to a decision. They eventually grow too hungry to debate, and bring in a zebra for dinner. During the frenzy some scraps are accidentally thrown towards the lion. A hyena swipes at the Cub to steal them back, cutting the cub over his left eye. The hyenas laugh and tease the lion, calling him Scar. The cub stands up, roars, and knocks down the hyena holding his claws to the animal's throat. He orders the others back, and to his astonishment they obey!
          The next part of the film shows Scar growing up to lead the hyenas, learning to savage, hunt, and eat whenever possible; while Mufasa learns to protect the circle of life and becomes a powerful king, though filled with regret. Eventually the brothers are reunited, and while Mufasa is elated to find his brother alive and thus relieving the guilt that has plagued him for years, Scar is jealous that his throne has been stolen and thinks Mufasa planned this all along. He plans to take back what is rightfully his when Mufasa is dead and forms the Lion Guard to help him, until he learns a prince has been born...

Howard the Duck

          My other idea for a movie is to give Howard the Duck his own solo film in the MCU that weaves in and out of every other major film. We begin on a planet where the most evolved animal is a strange duck-like creature that crawls on all fours instead of walking or flying. Suddenly the sky is filled with Chitauri ships, and as the wormhole opens an epic battle happens in the heavens. Then Iron Man delivers the bomb, and the nuclear shockwave hits the planet causing a rapid evolution of those animals into intelligent anthropomorphic ducks. This is noticed by The Collector, who kidnaps Howard and adds him into part of his collection until the Guardians come and Knowhere is destroyed.
          Since the other major movies haven't been made public yet, it's hard for me to give specifics here but the movie would continue with Howard getting involved in the Infinity Wars, meeting Thanos, somehow being stranded on Earth in Cleveland, defeating a few low level "super villains", attempting to join the Avengers and getting denied, and continuing his misadventures in a world he never made. 
          Rob Zombie stated before that the only comic book movie he would consider directing is Howard the Duck. If you could get an uber-fan writer to assist yours truly, someone with an attention to detail and the kind of humor that would really make this script work, like Simon Pegg or Kevin Smith, this could be an epic movie for the ages.

Like, Comment, Share

          Well, as I stated before I will not stop sharing my ideas for new movies. So now I need your help. Leave a comment below of what you think. Questions, comments, and critiques are welcome. Add you own 2 cents, fix my mistakes, add your improvements, or shower me in praise. Then share this with your friends and family on social media. Spread the word. Help make my dreams come true, or watch me get shot down in flames as you feed me to the wolves. Either way, we're bound to have a little fun...

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  1. A GREAT read! Defiantly keeps my interest and can not wait to read more! Keep up the good work!

  2. So I love the backstory of vulture and scar and the hyenas. I wish u all the luck

  3. Way to keep striving for your dreams!! Keep inspiring!!

  4. My daughter loves Lion Guard, I know she'd love your Lion King prequel for sure! Keep fighting for your dream, nobody ever achieved anything by giving up! :)

  5. The Lion King one sounds good but wasn't it pointed out in the movie that Mufasa was the older brother? I could be wrong but I thought it was mentioned at least once.

    Here's something to think about: when a lion takes over a pride, all of the cubs from the other male lions are killed so that only the new lion has cubs. This would mean that Nala and Simba are actually half brother and sister...

    1. Honestly couldn't remember if they mentioned Mufasa being older or not. Just hoping they didnt.
      And thanks for the info, I wanted to research actual lion habits to include things like that. Thanks so much!

    2. Honestly couldn't remember if they mentioned Mufasa being older or not. Just hoping they didnt.
      And thanks for the info, I wanted to research actual lion habits to include things like that. Thanks so much!

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