About this Blog

          Booferson makes some unique observations, and has a one-of-a-kind point of view. And after this, you will will be thanking whatever deity you pray to that there is no one else quite like him. Whether he's right or wrong is almost a moot point, because Boo's incessant prattling will entertain you, anger you, and quite possibly make you rethink your own outlook on life.

          Be it about movies, television, sports, politics, pop culture, or his an introspective on his own background and personality, Boo has thoughts and opinions that stray from the norm, giving you a fresh look at some things you might take for granted. Vacations to funerals, technology to nature, no topic is off-limits, too taboo, and will not be shied away from. As long as you can deal with Boo's poor grammar, and not get bored when he strays too far off topic on side-notes, you'll fall in love with the self-proclaimed Social Media Saviour.

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