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Attention Writers:

Have something on your mind that you want to write about, but it doesn't fit your blog? Or maybe you don't have your own blog, but want to try it out by writing about something you are passionate about. I am always accepting guest blogs written by whomever about whatever! just follow these simple guidelines:

  1. While I advocate free speech, I keep my blog open to all age groups. Please keep this in mind when writing, as I would really hate to have to turn away something due to content.

  2. I cover mostly movies, television, sports, and politics; but feel free to write about any subject you feel passionate about. So long as there is at least 3 paragraphs of content.

  3. At the end of your blog, feel free to link to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other page you own. If you want to post a blog anonymously, just let me know and I'll accommodate.

  4. Blogs must be limited to plain text with only minimal formatting, links, images, or embedded videos. All other code will either be removed, or cause your submission to be ignored.
You can submit blogs via the contact page, or by private messaging me on any of my social media pages linked at the bottom of this page. Feel free to submit as often as you like, and have fun!

Boo reserves the right to deny any submissions without notice. All submissions will be referred to as guest blogs, and Boo is not liable for any content within. All submissions can be subject to minimal reformatting or censorship at Boo's sole discretion. Boo reserves the right to amend each submission with his retort, rebuttal, or other thoughts he may have on the submitted piece. When submitting a blog you are not guaranteed to be posted on this site, and Boo is under no obligation to respond to you in any way. Any writings that contain depictions of illegal activities will be reported to the proper authorities. Again, Boo has no money and runs this page for fun, so please don't sue him or put him into any kind of legal quandary.Thank you.

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