An open letter to Millenials


Dear Millenials, you've barely begun and you've already been through so much. Every day it seems you're being blamed for something. The death of a business, or even an entire industry. The failure to comply with "social norms" that have been standards for years, if not centuries. For changing pop culture. For redefining a nation. For creating a new era. Everyone wants to point the finger at you and blame you, but I have a different take on this. And because of that, I want to say... Thank you.

Thank you Millenials for doing what every generation has done before you, upset the norms, question authority, and advance the culture. So why does it seem like everyone is coming down on you harder, with anti-Millenial statements regularly making business headlines? Simple. Look at the cultural revolutions that have taken place before you. Some are standard like art, which includes everything from music, to dancing, to film, to comedy stylings, and more all becomes more provocative and risque pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be in "good taste" at the time. But really, how much further can that go? So you decided to not rebel through art but through your economic choices.

This, of course, makes sense, as this is the area where you were promised that a good education, specifically going to college and getting a high priced degree, would result in you getting a good job. The problem is that those jobs don't exist and now you're in debt with no hope of coming out. So it makes sense that you would reject something like home ownership, one of the many things you are being blamed for. For those that have a good job from that degree they earned, they were raised to buy a big house and fill it with stuff. Now, your form of rebellion is that you don't need a big house, you don't need the stuff, and you can live happily in either a tiny house or a rental, for as long as you shall live, freeing up your finances for other things.

Those other things, however, are not found in the mall or in department stores. Millenials are being blamed for bringing down this entire industry as you would much rather go to Amazon on your phone then JC Penny in the mall. I think I've made my feeling about the mall quite clear, and for this, I can only say again... thank you! You don't need some Devil Wears Prada fashionista waving the latest trends in your face telling you what to wear, you know what you want and you can find it online. And if you can't find it, there's money to be made creating your own little Etsy store. Don't let the corporations or know-it-alls tell you this is bad, this is the very foundation of the American Dream. The land of opportunity is still available to you, in the forum you know best. Social Media. Now go out and create it.

As for some of the other things you're accused of killing or ruining, it's just more of the same. It's called evolution. Never let my generation or any other one tell you how you're doing something wrong. Live your lives. Change this world. You can end not only the bad like racism, sexism, or any other -ism that seeks to define a subclass of citizens as lesser than the rest, but you can totally change the way we define humanity and sociology. You may stumble, you may even fail at times, but never give up. Live your truth young Millenials, and let nothing stand in your way. Except maybe your choice in music...

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  1. What an inspirational and thought proviking you have here. It is really wonderful.

  2. It's very nice of you to share this, thank you.

  3. I'm at the end of the Boomer generation, I feel for the Millennials, they have a lot of difficult situations to face like the cost of housing and very competitive job market. I graduated college into a recession and the interest rates were crazy high back then, but the wages vs cost of living were not so out of balance as they are today. As you say in this piece, every generation has its challenges.

  4. I hate how people slam Millennials without an analyzing how time has changed between now and when they grew up. As a Gen Xer, I've watched the gradual development of the "gig" economy which ensures younger people are perpetually exhausted with too many jobs just to pay basic bills.

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