Succumbing To The Burden Of Maintaining A Blog

          When I started this blog it was simple, I have opinions. Opinions and thoughts that do not match up with a majority of the populace. I had several ideas right off the bat, why I'm starting a blog, my views on funerals, and travel, and vacations, and it was going to be spectacular. Well that has all but fizzled out now, hasn't it?
          Yes I had ideas when I started. And from my time on Facebook, where I would create a unique and interesting (interesting as in controversial and thought-provoking) posts daily, I thought that trend would continue. However long-form prose does not seem to be my expertise, not to mention my absolutely vomit-inducing grammar and punctuation.
          Much like my Facebook account, my creative juices seem to have been deleted. Sure I still have opinions, sure my way of thinking is not at all what one would consider "mainstream", and sure I am still very good at creating run-on sentences that are mildly entertaining and can only be comprehended thanks to a generous over-use of the spell-check feature available on most computers, tablets, phones, or other electronic data-entry devices available today. In fact, all my social media usage has seemed to drop-off to a near non-use. I barely Tweet, other than to retweet some interesting fact or funny aside I happen to come across. Hashtag, unoriginal.
          It was so bad that I was all but ready to completely retire the "Social Media Saviour" moniker, and perhaps pass it off to someone more deserving. But then a funny thing started to happen, I started getting new followers on Twitter. And not just any followers, but low-level celebrities. A local radio show, a national television sportscaster, and a verified Hollywood actor. To top it off, the actor is actually someone whose work I was familiar with and am a fan of!
          Is that what I needed to get me out of my "writer's block"? Is that reason enough to try harder, and possibly work on climbing the social ladder until I am followed by a legit A-lister? I'll tell you right now, the answer is a resounding "no". My main problem is, since leaving Facebook, I have shielded myself from things that truly annoy me... namely people and their stupid opinions. I'm completely removed from pop-culture, and while that may be 'bad for business', so to speak, it has done wonders for my health and sanity.
          Of course, never say never. One day I may return to Facebook [update, I have], I may try watching Mtv or some reality TV (other than Duck Dynasty of course, I'm referring to the train wreck shows like Honey Boo-boo, Dance Moms, or anything on Bravo). Or I may just venture out and converse with the populace in their native habitat, at social gatherings. *shudder* Of course the most likely scenario is I'll continue to hide away from people, their idiocracy, and just blog and tweet more and more sporadically.

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  1. You know, you may be onto something by minimizing your reach into the social media world. Your creativity may not have been depleted, but rather spread thin. Good luck!

  2. I started blogging in 2007. I had convinced myself I was going to be a Blogger/Podcaster supper star until I found out I didn't really have much to say. Now I just post photographs I take.

  3. It is an interesting balance! You want to read and absorb enough that you have relevant and timely things to blog on, but you don't want to spend all your time with other people or on social media and neglect yourself and your blog - I hope now you are back on facebook you find the perfect balance for you! :)

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