My Wrap-Up Of The 2016-2017 Television Season


Continuing my annual tradition of reviewing the TV shows that I've begun, continued, and ceased to watch. This year, as an added bonus, I will be writing a "part 2" to this post wherein I give my tech tips for how to follow your shows and how to watch them whether home or away. So, without further ado, let's get on with the show! (Pun intended)

Doubt there will be a 2nd season, so unless I'm wrong this will drop off the list.
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Much better than the Jim Carey movie. Even though it was mostly a retread of the events from the movie, it felt new and fresh thanks in most part to Neil Patrick Harris.
American Gods
Stellar cast that brings the book to life. Most of the additions and changes are amicable, the only one I soured on was the back story of Laura which changed the personalities of Laura and Shadow from the book.
Stepped up some, and had a decent cliff-hanger ending (even if there are multiple ways out of it that are painfully obvious. Highlight for spoilers: The boat doesn't have a motor, but float away from the bombs on the island, or just jump in the water).
Ash vs. Evil Dead
My only complaint? Make the seasons longer! As soon as it gets really good, they stop for an entire year. Otherwise, this is a must watch for all horror-comedy fans.
First season was epic, and redefined gut-wrenching television drama. Second season was a bit of a mid-step, but if the early previews are any indication the third and final season seems like this series is going out with a bang.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Hilarious, and some of the most creative "cliff hangers" to end each season and explain what's happening during the time off screen.
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
The weak link of the Arrowverse, but if you're a fan of cheesey geek humor and C-level super heroes than you'll stick with this like I do.
Doctor Who
Always strong story-telling. Why is it the BBC is so much than the USA at making television shows?
Game of Thrones
While this show winds down and rumors of spin-offs, follow-up films, and prequels criss-cross the interwebs; the world is waiting with baited breathe to see who will survive long enough to claim the iron throne. My money is on Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen ruling together with Tyrion Lannister as their acting "hand of the king/queen", so that's obviously not going to happen.
Adapting the characters backstories and origins to fill your universe is ok to a point, but not when you do it so much it changes their character significantly. Gordon is supposed to be a straight-laced, by-the-book, good cop. The only one in Gotham. This show ignores that and makes him just a willing to bend and break the law as needed. Just because his intentions have better intentions is no excuse. Hasn't annoyed me enough to drop it yet...
Jessica Jones
Marvel will never go dark? Yeah right, this boozed up private eye who is constantly surrounded by drama and suffering despite her trying to help is awesome.
Making a Murderer
Not sure if a followup or a different story will ever air. If not, this will be dropped .
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
A cliffhanger that makes me want to stay around for at least the first episode next season, but if the rest of the MCU doesn't acknowledge Inhumans and the world-wide Terrigenysis, than it's not worth following.
Marvel's Daredevil
Not as dark as Jessica Jones, however it is slightly better.
Marvel's Iron Fist
The weak-link of the MCU Netflix arm, but doesn't deserve the hate it got online. Still worth watching.
Marvel's Luke Cage
The fact that this is the third best show out of the four Defenders solo series isn't a slight on this show, but shows how great Daredevil and Jessica Jones are.
Master of None
I'm not big on pop culture, so a lot of this humor is lost on me. Still find it funny enough to come back for more though.
Mr. Robot
This show would do so much better if it was released all at once to binge, and season were closer together. Ah to dream...
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Of course it's not going to live up to it's predecessor. Of course i'm going to watch it anyway.
Orphan Black
More BBC brilliance coming to an end. Lots of questions need answered and storylines need wrapped-up, so this season should go fast. And that's not a good thins.
The first season was a bit slow, and was just a setup for the rest of the series. It's time for that payoff to come for those of us that remained loyal.
Ring of Honor
The closest we'll ever come to reliving ECW's glory days. Great wrestling, decent storylines, and athletes better at preforming in the ring than on the mic. This is where the stars of WWE come from.
A victim of it's own success, this made Benedict Cumberbatch a well deserved international mega-star. So much so that it's hard to find time for him and Martin Freeman to make more. And the world is denied something beautiful because of this.
Stranger Things
Grab the Eggos and get ready for the ode to 80's Stephens (King and Speilberg) to continue.
Much better now that CBS quit dictating terms and the CW took over. Bringing it into the Arrowverse even more can only help. The best move was bringing in their own Superman to differentiate this universe from the movies.
The Crown
I hope this is, for the most part, historically accurate. Because truth is stranger than fiction, and this is no exception.
The Flash
It may be called the Arrowverse since Arrow came first, but The Flash is the strongest show in the fold. Now they need to move away from other speedsters and give Flash new challenges other than going faster to save Iris.
The Goldbergs
Nostalgia and dramedy were never so perfectly mixed. A definite keeper.
The Walking Dead
The best show on TV stepped up their game with Negan. Now keep it up in all out war...
The X Files
Another new season is in the works? After the comeback mini-season went so well, one can only hope they continue that format into the foreseeable future.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
For those that loved 30 Rock, this is every bit a Tina Fey comedy in that vain. Absurd comedy and cutaways that make it work in the world they created, this show is anything but unwatchable.
Voltron: Legendary Defender
Yes, I grew up on the original; so I won't give up on this one unless they make me leave.
WWE 205 Live
WWE Network
When WWE learns to quit treating these guys like their heavyweight counterparts, leave the goofy story lines and caricatures behind, and really let them turn loose in the ring, this show would become WWE's #2 show behind NXT with Raw and Smackdown fighting for a distant 3rd.
WWE Network
The best sports entertainment on the WWE Network. If you read the dirt sheets and were scared that HHH taking over after Vince is gone, this should put your mind at ease. It is regularly better than Raw and Smackdown...
More Heyman. More Bálor. More Samoa Joe. Less Strowman.
WWE Smackdown Live
Stay the course, eventually one of these Superstars will catch on in pop culture like Hogan, Austin, The Rock, or Cena did; then you just sit back and ride the wave while you can.

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