Best of the Burghosphere 2015

          November is National Blog Posting Month, and to celebrate that Pittsburgh Bloggers and Most Wanted Fine Art have created the Best of the Burghosphere awards, a peer created and awarded system to bring us bloggers of the `Burgh together through mutual encouragement and recognition. As a Pittsburgh Blogger, I jumped at this opportunity. What follows is my write-up of my assigned blog, and the award that I gladly bestow upon them. Follow me now, through the cyber-space tunnel (being sure to slow down to a near stop, as is customary in Pittsburgh when in a tunnel) into a site that is so much more than blog... it's an experience.

Breaking Burgh

          I was relieved to find that the blog I was randomly assigned was one I was already familiar with, and, dare I say, a fan of. The self-described "Satirical Blog Serving Western Pennsylvania and Beyond", Breaking Burgh is a news site that offers global stories with a Pittsburgh flare... with some (or all) facts distorted, bent, or even completely made up. So kind of like the real media, only honest about this not being actual news. I first became aware of the site when I caught wind of the post "Pittsburgh Set to Become First City Run by Google", a brilliant article about how Google bought the city. It's (semi-)believable premise is that the technology firm "take over and fund all City operations in exchange for de facto ongoing control over matters like zoning and the ability to pilot its forward-looking initiatives, such as the self-driving cars, in a realistic environment." The humor was on point, and hit me in both my geek and yinzer funny bones.

Pittsburgh and beyond

          You don't have to be a Pittsburgh resident to enjoy all the posts, though it helps. National, and even global news stories are frequent sources of the site as well. This being an election year, the site does it's comedy due diligence and mines every possible joke out of the American electoral process. From posts about Democrats worrying their debate lacks a "lunatic" element that the Republican debates had covered in spades, is both topical and sadly based in reality. No topic in both National and International news is safe from the razor sharp satirical wit of the Breaking Burgh author(s).

The Award goes to...

          For these reasons it is my esteemed pleasure to grant this site with the "Best Less-Than-True News Site, Hold The Onion". Get it? Because The Onion is another satirical news site, so it's funny. And relevant. And witty. But I digress, I have an entire blog of my own to pat myself on the back, this is the time to honor Breaking Burgh. So why not go check it out for yourself? Then come back here, leave a comment on your favorite post, then stroll around my own little blog space and find another favorite read. 

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  1. Great post - and a perfect award for Breaking Burgh, which is a great match for your blog. And speaking of your blog, you might be interested in checking out my Best of the Burghosphere award post today. :)

    1. Thank you. I have to say, I was scared I'd be awarded something that didn't quite "get" my ramblings, but you nailed it! Thanks again!!

  2. Sarcasm is dangerous near glue guns so I'm glad that I can leave the wit and humor to you! Thoroughly enjoy your ramblings when I need a break from the craft world. Thank you for linking up with us on Welcome Home Wednesday. =) Hope to see more next week.

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