Why Am I Excited About Marvel's Netflix Expansion?

          Exciting news indeed! The Blade trilogy was great (especially the first, which was basically an independent movie that Marvel distanced themselves from at the time allowing it to be a hard R movie with the blood and violence that the subject matter demanded),  and it can very easily be pulled into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Where does Blade fit?

          If you never saw them, Blade is half-human half-vampire waging a secret war against vampires that exist in secret alongside us. This shadowy underground aspect is what will allow the Blade movies to fit into the MCU without having to explain how the Avengers never heard of him, or any other vampires for that matter.

The Supernatural

          Now with Blade and Ghost Rider back under the Marvel banner, and Daredevil proving that a more mature and slightly more violent tale can bring in the audience, and that Netflix is a viable alternative to movies and network TV as a distribution vehicle, the MCU is set to expand into a darker, supernatural part of that universe. Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider have comic fans like me excited about bringing in Mephisto, the closest Marvel has to the devil himself, and really exploring the world of vampires, demons, werewolves and more.

Marvel's horror heroes

          These horror level heroes and villains can work the same way Daredevil and the other Street level heroes work on Netflix. So the Defenders and the Midnight Sons can run parallel, while the human heroes of S.H.I.E.L.D. remain on network TV, and the Avengers world stays on the movie. All separate but equal, weaving in and out of each other, and occasionally crossing paths. Exciting times indeed...

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