The current good and bad of both the Halloween and Evil Dead franchises.

Halloween Returns coming without Rob Zombie?! This is just horrible. I loved both Rob Zombie films, but he ended gave it a solid ending after Halloween II because there wasn't supposed to be any more sequels. 

If I remember correctly, he didn't even want the second film made, but after he heard the studio was going to make it regardless he took it back and saved it. Now they've gone totally off the reservation, they're moving forward without Zombie, and I couldn't be more angered.
We can't get a sequel to the Evil Dead reboot that happened a few years ago! Even after plans leaked of having on more film both that franchise AND from the original in a follow up to Army of Darkness, before merging "universes" into one big final film. Now we're getting an Ash vs The Evil Dead tv series (which will no doubt be awesome), but whether that replaces previous plans or ties into them somehow is yet to be seen.
Back to my main point... Dimension films. Please, if you must continue the Halloween films (which is a mistake, wait a few more years and reboot, or do a Freddy, Jason, Chucky tie-in movie like Freddy vs Jason did) then please. PLEASE! Don't just let the script sink into the tired horror cliches of old and put gore over story. Stick to the voice that Rob Zombie gave you. Focus on the psychological, on the why more than the how, for both killer and victim. Don't have a dozen "false deaths", leave it believable and grounded in some sort of reality. And don't be afraid to give the killer a heart. Unfortunately if you follow those, Michael Myers won't be returning and you'll have no movie. So I guess this is all in vain....

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