How To Just Say No, And Why Im Better Because Of It

          Other than the occasional alcoholic beverage, I've lived a rather pure life. Some people would call this dull, but I like to believe that I can experiences the "highs and lows" of life better than they can since I don't need any assistance to achieve it.


          I have never tried any kind of "recreational drug". The only time I ever tried smoking ANYTHING was a cigar because a friend had a baby. I took two puffs just to not be rude, then handed it off.  I've been drunk a few times, but that was a slow process as the first couple times I drank I would get really depressed.

Peer Pressure

          Now I know what most people are thinking, I just never had to deal with peer pressure. They’d be wrong. I never understood trying to force someone to do something. If it’s that great, why do you have to push others to do it? Wouldn’t you just let them know they’re missing out, and if they still won’t join then it’s “oh well, more for me”. I guess that line of thinking is why I was always able to say no to peer pressure. Sure it made life difficult, I was shunned and ridiculed at school. Made fun of. Laughed at. But I never lost any friends over it, though I attribute that to my picking friends who were worth having rather than those that would drop you over something like that.


          I saw people I knew personally ruin their lives, and even had someone close to me die, at a young age. From then on I decided it was just something I didn't need in my life. Also, I have a horrible temper. I've done a good job keeping it in check lately, but I always feared that should I lose control I would become mean to people I love. The few times I did allow myself to become drunk I made sure I was surrounded by loved ones that kept me in a joyful mood, and I've been told I'm actually a very fun drunk. I come out of my shell, quit being shy, and begin cracking jokes. However I'm always afraid that if I let my guard down, the beast inside me could ruin everything.

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