Why I Lost My Struggle With Home Media Distribution Companies

          So a few weeks back I took to social media, plastering Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with my thoughts of being overcharged by Verizon FIOS, my distaste for Comcast, and my thoughts of moving to DirecTV or Dish Network.
          Within 30 minutes, DirecTV responded via Twitter with offers. 3 hours after that, Dish Network followed. The next morning, a Comcast employee responded via Google+. Finally, 2 days later, FIOS responded with wanting to keep my business.
          After speaking with a sales rep for each company, here are my options:

FIOS: Can't offer a better deal because they tried to swindle my wife. She called 2 months ago to get a better rate, and after talking to a rep for over an hour she agreed to a new 2-year contract extension in exchange for a faster internet connection and a savings of $40 a month. Come the next bill, we find it went UP $40! So she called again to execute the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and back out of this deal. Verizon had some issues, but eventually realized they couldn't deny us and gave us our old deal back. That said, when I called the retention office, they said I couldn't get another offer because I just recently entered a new contract. Whatever. After years of me praising your service as the best, you've pissed me off and lost my respect.

COMCAST: People wonder why I hate Comcast. First off they're based in Philadelphia, so I hate them already. Next, they continually have the worst customer service, based not only on my personal experiences, but on every independent survey I've read. Still, they offered a deal so I called. Right now I get the highest level of service with every available channel from FIOS, so that's what I looked for here. They offered fewer HD channels, fewer movie channels, lower quality HD, slower internet, and the previously mentioned horrible customer service all for $30 MORE a month! No thanks, still hate you.

DIRECTV: Getting closer here. They offered more channels, better HD, more movie channels, all using state-of-the-art technology. Downsides were slower internet, plus I would have someone in my house for several hours installing equipment. All of this, only saved me $10 a month. Not sure if its worth the hassle of switching.

DISH NETWORK: Dish offered much the same as DirecTV, except for the fact I couldn't get home phone service. They did offer to save me $50 a month... for the first year. After that I'd be paying exactly what I am now. Take into account equipment installation again, and is it worth it?

          Bottom line, while FIOS lied and cheated me... they are still the best deal in town for what I want. Begrudgingly, I may be forced to stay.

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  1. DirecTV has The Genie... that sealed the deal for me!

  2. Hi there - I work for Comcast. We've are working hard to improve the service we provide. What was your experience with our customer service? Can you provide more details? Also, if you are willing to give us a try, I can reach out to my collagues to see if we can offer you a better pricing options. Also, we have a service guaratee. If for any reason you are not pleased with the service, you can get you money back. More details can be found here: http://www.comcast.com/corporate/Customers/CustomerGuarantee.html?SCRedirect=true

    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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