How To Solve Every Major Problem With The US Government...


          So let's see. Our government feels the need to pass laws stating who can and can't vote and who can and can't get married, but then does nothing about the financial crisis they have created for us!


          Let me make it easy for you. Any tax paying citizen that is of legal age, i.e. 18 or older, has the right to vote as well as the right to say whatever they want, be with whomever they they want, own whatever they want, eat, drink, smoke, inject or inhale whatever they want, and most of all THINK whatever they want. Government does not have to right to grant or deny any of this, provided the choices a person makes does not limit or take away another person's freedom of choice.


          As for the financial crisis, it's time to make the tough call, tighten your belts, and cut spending ACROSS THE BOARD. No matter what it is, good or bad, "necessary" or not, it's getting less money. Then it's time to fix the tax code, by removing ALL exceptions and deductions. No more corporate bailouts or corporate welfare, but also no more deductions for having kids, being married, etc. Sorry, but it's really none of the governments business, so they should have no right to discriminate based on it. That's step 1, step 2 is moving to the Fair Tax, or a consumption tax that is based on what you spend, not what you earn.

          I just fixed every major problem you're dealing with right now. So Senator, Congressman, Justice, Mr. President ... let's get going.

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