Why have we lost the ability to have fun?

          People just don’t know how to have fun anymore. There are so few genuine surprises in life, why would you want to ruin it? I actually know why most people ruin this, whether they want to admit it or not.

No surpise

          So what am I talking about to begin with? The growing trend of people thinking they HAVE to find out the gender of their child several months before it is born. Now most of the post-baby boomers will undoubtedly try to blame their incorrectly self-diagnosed “OCD”. Sorry internet generation, but WebMD cannot help you here. The problem isn't some mental disorder you were born with… it’s one that you were taught.


          Advertising is to blame here. Stores are labeling all newborn clothing as either “boy” or “girl” and telling you that you must be prepared for one or the other. They don’t market neutral because they can charge more for the specialized gender-specific clothing, toys, etcetera. They then get the mindless automatons to buy into this, quite literally as it turns out, and blame themselves.
          The need to follow the current trends and submit to the almighty label is a pathetic turn our culture seems to have taken. The home of the free has to be told what to wear, where they eat, what phone to use, and how they should look and act? How is that freedom?

Rebel spirit

          What happened to the country that invented rock `n roll? They now graciously accept the bland “pop” music that is an industry product rather than created organically as an art form. The patriots that would rather throw the tea into the bay than be told they must accept it without question are long since dead. Instead, people are all too happy to wait in line for a “vente mochachino” or some other crap drink I can’t even pronounce.


          It’s time for a revolution. This generation of sheep needs to be shaken before they’re lead astray. Stand up. Speak out. Throw down your cell phone and pick up a fishing rod. Leave the restaurant and cook your food on an open fire you started yourself. Leave the material world behind and learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. Sleep in the dirt, under the trees, looking up at the stars for at least 1 night. If you’re incapable of doing any of that, even for 1 day, then I feel sorry for you. Hopefully you’re happy remaining a cog in the machine, doing what’s expected and acting as you’re told. Perhaps ignorance truly is bliss…

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