Why a blog?

          Hello all from your Social Media Saviour, Booferson J McGrugen.

Yes, it's true; I am still done with Facebook.
          Perhaps one day I shall return, but no time soon. I have already conquered that area of the web, so I moved on to the next victim... Twitter. After you beat a game you have 2 options, start over from scratch or move to something else. The problem with starting over is, now you know what moves to make and what to do, so you can beat it faster... but it's just not as fun. I beat Facebook, so I decided to start anew somewhere else until it became fresh again. Sorry if this has ruined your Facebook experience, and I feel your pain on this, but everyone else was too boring and quite frankly not worth my precious time. That's also why I deleted most of my older posts and pictures from Facebook, so no one could plagiarize my brilliance. I thought I had requested an archive of my entire Facebook timeline so I could save all those posts for any possible return I may make. Unfortunately, my posts and pictures did not send, so that is all lost forever (or until Zuckerberg decides to allow people to access Facebook's historical records which they hold).
          The only problem with Facebook, Google+, and especially Twitter, is the size limit (either self-imposed or by character limit). Sometimes I would spend 2-3 Facebook posts on just 1 subject or idea. Well, now I can fully express the verbosity of the madman known as Booferson J McGrugen. Paragraphs, even pages of my incessant ramblings, my unique outlook on life, all here; all for your reading pleasure. And feel free to share this with the world. Tweet your favorite posts, or put them on your Facebook page. Who knows, if enough people ask, I may return sooner rather than later...
          For now, read my twitter here. Find me on Google+ if you can. And subscribe to this blog below so you'll know when my next post is available, and so that you can leave a comment on here.

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