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My Wrap-Up Of The 2016-2017 Television Season

          Continuing my annual tradition of reviewing the TV shows that I've begun, continued, and ceased to watch. This year, as an added bonus, I will be writing a "part 2" to this post wherein I give my tech tips for how to follow your shows and how to watch them whether home or away. So, without further ado, let's get on with the show! (Pun intended)

The Best And Worst 2015 16 Television Shows

          So I did one of these for last season and it seemed to be well-received, so now I'm going to keep it going. Think I'll play with format a bit. As of me beginning to write this I'm not sure if I want to group everything by air date (Sunday shows, Monday shows, etc.), genre (like last year), random stream of conscience like most of my other posts, or something else. Also, do I do a bullet list, full paragraph form (again, like last time), or some hybrid of everything listed above. Well, let's find out together shall we?

Why Am I Excited About Marvel's Netflix Expansion?

          Exciting news indeed! The Blade trilogy was great (especially the first, which was basically an independent movie that Marvel distanced themselves from at the time allowing it to be a hard R movie with the blood and violence that the subject matter demanded),  and it can very easily be pulled into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

My wrap-up of the 2014-15 television season

          Here's my take on the most recent television season. The shows I watched, and my thoughts on how they went and how they should go forward (if at all). While I try to avoid most spoilers, I purposely waited until well after most series ended so if any do slip in they should be old news. That said, you are forewarned so no complaining will be tolerated. Without further ado, let us journey on through the fictitious worlds that were...

Happy Lost Day, and why you should be watching The Walking Dead

         Happy Lost Day! Sorry, but I'm in the group of the finale being good and I don't mind the "unresolved" issues (like no explanation for the islands powers).

Gotham season 1 (a little late) mid-season rumors

          I don't think they should alter the game plan, and they should steer clear of the joker for as long as possible. Like season 3 or 4 (which means first off they make it that far, which hopefully they do).