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My WWE 2015 Year-End Review

          I've stated before my love of Professional Wrestling will be lifelong. That said, I present my first in what may become a regular series of reviews, opinions, and commentaries on not only wrestling but many other aspects of pop culture that can actually hold my attention.

My sports cycle has now come full circle...

          Pitchers and catchers report! I think my sports interests have now come full circle. While I still cheer for all 3 Pittsburgh teams, there is always 1 sport that shines above the rest.

All the mistakes the NHL is making just so they can save "the integrity of the game".

          So the NHL is just restarting after the 2014 Olympic break, and once again will fall victim to their unwillingness to change. The NHL is currently fourth in major US sports, falling well behind the NFL, MLB, and NBA. The NHL could easily leapfrog over the NBA and sit comfortably in the third position (there's just no unseating football anytime soon, and baseball stays in the top 2 just because it's the national past-time and an American tradition), but they just won't do it. And on top of that, they're making new horrible decisions!

Wrestlemania, and my love of Professional Wrestling.

          Sitting here watching Wrestlemania once again. I have never missed a Wrestlemania, even in the days that preceded at-home pay-per-view service. I saw the first two in the Civic Arena on closed circuit tv. This is one of my earliest memories I will always hold, sitting at center ice, with two big screens showing the action, one on either end of the arena.

How To Improve Nearly Every Professional Sports League

          Let's face it, modern sporting events are different than they were 50 years ago. I'm not talking about rule changes, or the level the athletes are preforming at, be it from better training and conditioning or some artificial enhancements. No, I'm talking about the fans experience, and what they give up without even realizing it.