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A Lesson In What "Fair Share" Actually Means

          Guaranteed it happens at least once a year. When I start complaining about the amount my wife and I pay in taxes someone tells me to just shut up and "pay my fair share"; and nothing is more infuriating. When people say this it shows at least one, if not more, of the following. Either they can't do math, which given the current state of our government-run education system is completely believable; they keep themselves blissfully ignorant and just believe what some politicians tell them, a major problem in and of itself; or they have no concept of what the word "fair" actually means and are just interested in what supporting their own misguided perceptions rather than find the truth.

An open letter to Millenials

       Dear Millenials, you've barely begun and you've already been through so much. Every day it seems you're being blamed for something. The death of a business, or even an entire industry. The failure to comply with "social norms" that have been standards for years, if not centuries. For changing pop culture. For redefining a nation. For creating a new era. Everyone wants to point the finger at you and blame you, but I have a different take on this. And because of that, I want to say... Thank you.

Accepting the Blue Sky Challenge Award

            I am graciously accepting yet another peer-distributed blog award for my little offering towards the blogger community. This time I have been gifted the Blue Sky Tag Challenge Award, which like all other unofficial blog awards has some rules upon acceptance. So let's get started, shall we?

How to heal our country.

            It's at times like this I remember what I taught the group of Boy Scouts about Citizenship in America. Simply this: "You show respect to the office. If the President enters a room I'm in, I stand up, I address them as Mister/Madam President, and I shake their hand if given the chance. Same goes for all elected officials. However, they do not control my thoughts and beliefs, and I am not bound to agree with them."

In A Black And White World, Living In The Shades Of Grey

          Whatever happened to the freedom of choice? How come we limit ourselves now the only two choices for anything at all? You are either Democrat or Republican, nothing in between. You're either right or you're wrong, there are no shades of grey. That's not the way the world works. That's not the way this country works. There are more than two options, there are more than two answers. In fact, there are a million different opinions. Not all of them right, not all of them are wrong, but a majority fall in the middle. Is it still possible to not just discuss those differences, but find a common middle ground? Or have we succumbed to the unwritten rule of not even considering a difference of opinion, and to lash out verbally, or even violently, against any who challenge your view of the world?

How To Save Investigative Journalists From Extinction

          Let's face it, the days of Woodward and Bernstein are no more. Lois Lane and April O'Neil aren't real. No one is reporting for the sake of "the story", they are only trying to get "the scoop". And sadly for all of us, that scoop is littered with celebrity gossip and pictures of them wearing little to nothing at all. What once was a respectable occupation of uncovering truths and exposing both unethical or criminal behavior has been watered down to creating a sales pitch preying on readers lust to know the latest scandal instead of forcing them to learn the facts and take action. Even more disheartening, it's not their fault.