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How To Fix The 2015 Debacle That Is The Fantastic Four

           Two steps forward, and several leaps back. This new take on the beloved First Family of Marvel Comics did turn down the goofiness and campiness of its predecessor, however it went a little too far and strayed from its source. And despite the end result here being nearly unwatchable and wholly unentertaining, I believe it would only take a few tweaks to each character to fix this film.

A New Fight To Deny The Death Of My Dreams

          My previous attempt to be a Hollywood script writer has yet to generate any calls from producers or studios wishing to sign my thus untapped talents. But I will not get discouraged. I will persist. I will continue to generate new ideas. I will let my creative juices flow through my blog until someone who knows someone passes my name along and I am seen for the wonder that I am. Also, I'm bored, I have nothing else to blog about, and I've been coming up with movie ideas in my head. And so, without further ado, I release my madness unto this world! Be prepared... (pun intended. You'll see!)

How To Meet The Challenges Of Filming A Good Remake

          Let's face it, Hollywood and original ideas are just not common bedfellows. While there are some films that are so good, so timeless, so near perfect that even the hint of a remake, reimagining, or sequel should be considered a capital offense; there are many more films that could use the occasional dusting off and revisiting.

Why Am I Excited About Marvel's Netflix Expansion?

          Exciting news indeed! The Blade trilogy was great (especially the first, which was basically an independent movie that Marvel distanced themselves from at the time allowing it to be a hard R movie with the blood and violence that the subject matter demanded),  and it can very easily be pulled into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The current good and bad of both the Halloween and Evil Dead franchises.

 This is just horrible. I loved both Rob Zombie films, but he ended gave it a solid ending after Halloween II because there wasn't supposed to be any more sequels. 

My venture into script writing, or why Hollywood isn't calling....

          I have long been a fan of The Masters of the Universe. As a child of the 80's, the original cartoon, and Mattel toy line, it's in my blood. I am proud to say that during most of my childhood, I was the owner of the entire action figure toy line, and all three castle playsets.